Here are a few links for you that the band would like to pass along.


http://www.thefenians.com - The Fenians Official Site
http://www.joebyrne.com - Joe Byrne
http://www.obrienbrothers.com - O'Brien Brothers Official Site
http://www.tonycummins.com - Tony Cummins
http://www.theamericanwake.com - The American Wake
http://www.kevmusic.com - KEV - Acoustic guitar wizard
http://www.highlandway.us - Traditional Scottish & Irish Music.com

Music, Lyrics, and Instruments

http://www.guitarists.net - Tabs & Lyrics
http://www.musiciansfriend.com - instruments
http://www.mudcat.org - Lots of Irish Lyrics
http://www.elderly.com - Instruments, New, Used & Vintage
http://www.olga.com - Tabs & Lyrics
http://www.shitenonions.com - Shite'n'Onions the e-zine dedicated to Paddy Punk and Jock Rock or whateverthefuckyahcallit
http://www.ourstage.com/fanclub/steelintin - OurStage - Rate our songs
http://webstrings.com - Guitar Strings - Bass Strings - Mandolin Strings - Banjo Strings (Very good prices!)


http://www.myspace.com/472227863 - Nice Glass! Etched glass portraits, commemorative pieces, fantasy, animals etc.
http://www.guinness.ie - The finest liquid refreshment on the face of the planet!
http://irishabroad.com - Irish info
http://www.renfair.com - Renaissance Pleasure Faire
http://www.condorcon.org - San Diego's longest running science fiction convention


http://www.hooleys.com - Hooley's
http://www.thorntonsirishpub.com - Thornton's Irish Pub
http://www.dickieoneal.com - Dickie O’Neal’s Irish Pub in Palm Springs

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